Tropical Storm Andrea leaves behind minor flooding, a few downed trees

Jun 7, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea: the first named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane season left very little damage behind.

Minor flooding in predictable areas, a few downed trees blocking roads, and some early-morning tornadoes with no confirmed reports of damage – that’s all the Cape Fear region has to show for its brief visit with Tropical Storm Andrea.

Reid Hawkins is with the National Weather Service:

We’ve got some good rain.  Maybe a little we have to worry about some river flooding.  Is it good for us at the Weather Office of Emergency Management?  It’s a good test.  So if we do get a bigger storm this season, we’ve ironed all our bugs out.  We’ll be ready to go for a more significant storm later in the year.

Meteorologists are predicting clearing skies this evening – followed by partial sunshine over the weekend.