Troop Increase in Iraq Protested in Wilmington

Wilmington, NC – Honks of support and shouted opposition met the half-dozen protesters who stood at the intersection of College and Oleander Sunday with signs urging an end to the war in Iraq.

Wilmington Peace Meetup last demonstrated at this location nearly three years ago. Organizer Steve Lee said the time and place were picked to attract the attention of passing churchgoers

The goal, Lee said, was "to remind people that there's a connection between what most religions command us to do in regards to peace-making, and this work we're doing here."

According to Lee, the response from motorists was more positive this time than when his group last picketed that corner, although there were certainly shouts of 'vote Bush!' 'Go War!' and hostile honks. "If they honk and give you the finger, it means they're not in favor," Lee laughed.

Lee said the group's biggest challenge, even as public opinion has shifted ever more towards opposition to the war, is convincing people of the importance of public action.

Wilmington Peace Meet-Up has a triple focus, according to Lee, split between increasing public awareness, pressuring Congressman McIntyre to take a stand against the war, and opposing military recruiting efforts. The group is also marching in the Martin Luther King Day Parade today.