Transportation: Wilmington Mayoral Candidate Justin LaNasa

Wilmington, NC – Wilmington has one of the highest traffic accident rates in North Carolina. With traffic and road planning at the top of the minds of many residents. WHQR is asking all three mayor's candidates about where they stand on transportation issues. We continue this morning with WHQR's Megan Williams and candidate Justin LaNasa.

A run for mayor is just the most recent twist in Justin LaNasa's varied biography Ten years ago, after a career in the U-S military, LaNasa opened the Hardwire Tattoo shop in downtown Wilmington.

Ask LaNasa what's really needles him about the city and he'll tell you about all the money the Council's spent on outside consultants in recent years. Instead, LaNasa thinks local government should take a more grassroots approach when searching for things like transportation solutions

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