Top Stories: Private Rocket Returning Home; Bloomberg Wants Big Gulp Ban

May 31, 2012

Good morning, here are some of the stories we're following this morning:

Live: SpaceX Capsule Heads Home.

Bloomberg Aims To Take Gulp Out Of Sugary Drinks With Ban On Big Ones.

Youngest Speller Is Out Of The Bee, Tripped Up By 'Ingluvies'.

Ireland Votes On European Fiscal Treaty. (Irish Times)

Activists Say Syrian Troops Shell Site Of Last Week's Massacre In Houla. (AP)

Clinton: Action On Syria Requires International Cooperation, Especially From Russia. (AP)

It's Day 9 For Jurors Deliberating Edwards Corruption Case. (Los Angeles Times)

Two American Tourists Kidnapped In Egypt's Sinai Desert. (BBC)

Aung San Suu Kyi Visits Thailand For Economic Forum, Mobbed By Well-Wishers. (Wall Street Journal)

Former President George W. Bush Visits White House Today For Portrait Unveiling. (C-SPAN)

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