Three Resign from Carolina Beach Government

Nov 19, 2012

Three Carolina Beach officials resigned last night during a regularly-scheduled town council meeting. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports the resignations started with Town Manager Tim Owens.

Immediately following Owens’s resignation, Councilmember Lonnie Lashley resigned.  Then Mayor Ray Rothrock stepped down.  Rothrock says even if he stayed on council, his one vote would be futile with the three remaining members.

“It’s very apparent to me, and I think to others in the last couple of months, the three of them, it appears, have made decisions before they ever get to council meetings on how things are going to be done, they were the ones making decisions instead of the entire council making decisions.” 

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Shuttleworth would not comment on the allegation, and says these resignations are not overly-alarming for Carolina Beach. He says an interim town manager will be appointed immediately, and the council will begin to fill the two vacancies left by Lashley and Rothrock.