Telephone Tax Refund

Wilmington, NC – The Federal Government is trying to refund a tax that's older than the IRS, if it can get taxpayers to sign up for the refund.

IRS officials say only about 2/3 of taxpayers have claimed the telephone tax refund on their filings this year, despite it being open to anyone who paid for long distance service in the past three years.

Federal courts invalidated the tax last year, which the government originally enacted in 1898 to fund the Spanish American War.

Now IRS spokesperson Mark Hanson wants taxpayers to remember the Maine.'

Course that goes back to the sinking of the United States battleship the Maine in Havana harbor. So, whatever helps people remember. The bottom line is, there could be 30 to 60 dollars that taxpayers are entitled to that they need to look closely this year and make sure they request.

All forms of long distance service, whether landlines, cellular or internet qualify for the refund, which is only available this year.