Tabor City Troublemaker Back Behind Bars

Wilmington, NC – After working out a plea agreement last Wednesday morning, defendant Billie Jay "BJ" Wright ate lunch with his lawyer, State Senator RC Soles Jr., and then slipped away.

The 19-year-old Wright was facing 29 charges, ranging from driving with an open container to assault on a female.

Captain Dean Foley of the Tabor City police said his department didn't bother to look far for Wright, who has friends and family in the area. Although false leads hindered their search, Foley says police caught up with Wright Saturday night, arresting him after a brief struggle.

Wright is well known to Tabor City police, according to Foley, who said he's been on radars around town for the past four years.

"He seemed to be a decent kid," Foley said, "But you know, the drugs turned him inside out, pretty much."