Steady, cold rain doesn't stop Brunswick County voters

Nov 6, 2012

A strong and steady cold rain set the scene for Election Day 2012 in the Cape Fear region.   As WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn reports, voters around Brunswick County braved the weather to do their part after the last poll showed Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama in a dead heat North Carolina.

At Belville Elementary School in Leland, voters from across the political spectrum came out in a slow but consistent stream to make their voices heard. 

Larry says President Obama is the best person to address the country’s looming problems.   

“Health care and pretty much jobs and wow social security for the old folks too… Obama  -- he’s trying to do things.  He already brought a couple of jobs in.  Mitt Romney -- he’s pretty much shipped everything across seas.” 

Chris is a property manager in Brunswick County.  He says while Obama probably has good intentions, the mounting debt is the reason he’s voting for Romney.

“I think the number one thing is the economy.  Pocketbook issues.  I mean, people are struggling.  And to me, that’s what’s most important… I want the opportunity for better jobs, more jobs.” 

The polls are open tonight until 7:30.