Station operating at full power

Oct 9, 2016

Radio is highly dependent on this, what do you call it, technology.

Repeated power outages related to Hurricane Matthew caused damage to WHQR's main transmitter on Saturday October 8th, but we are now operating at full power. Here are the specifics:

  • HQR News 91.3 is at full power.
    The cause was failure of a power supply to the transmitter's controller, which monitors and governs all the transmitter functions. Apparently repeated outages and voltage drops caused the power supply to fail. A new power supply is has been installed. 
  • Classical HQR 92.7 is back on the air.
    The transmitter for Classical HQR was temporarily converted to serve as a backup for 91.3 when the main signal failed Saturday evening. Classical has now been restored to 92.7
  • Both HD signals are back on this time.
    HD signals are subcarriers of the full-power 91.3.  HD1 is HQR News, and HD2 is Classical HQR.
  • Both Myrtle Beach signals are back.
    Both HQR News at 98.9 and Classical HQR at 102.3 re-transmit the main 91.3 signal.
  • HQR News and Classical HQR are steaming on our website.