Spring Cleaning Includes Recycling this Month

Mar 6, 2012

Spring cleaning is upon us, but that doesn’t just mean emptying out our closets.

WHQR’s Jessica Ferrer reports that residents will be able to recycle electronic items and hazardous household waste at two events this month in New Hanover County.

The Electronic Recycling Rally, put on by the Verizon Call Center, is Thursday. Citizens can bring electronics, along with other items like glass and plastic.

Verizon holds annual recycling events in at least ten cities nationwide, and last year Wilmington collected more than any other stop. At this year’s event, any laptops collected will be refurbished and donated to veterans in school.

New Hanover County will host another recycling event for hazardous waste later this month.

Lynn Bestul of with the county’s Environmental Management department says that items like household cleaners, fuel, and mercury can pollute waterways.

Things like that, that we do not want people to either to dump down their drains or put into the garbage that would end up in the landfill. Primarily we don’t want those things to even have the chance to leak into the groundwater.”

Bestul says that recycling for New Hanover County has doubled in the past few years, showing the community’s concern for the environment.

“They do a lot extra just to recycle and over the last few years, they’ve more than doubled the volume, so that just proves the involvement and the concern for the environment that people in this area have.”

During the last county event in 2010, more than 20 tons of household waste were collected.

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