Southeastern NC Film Community Group Photo To Be Taken This Saturday

Aug 21, 2014

Some state legislators say they don’t see the positive economic impact of film in North Carolina.  Wilmington’s film community is coming together to show them the big picture.

If the current state budget passes as it stands, with a grant program for film production capped at ten million dollars, the local film crew base would be substantially cut.  That’s according to Wilmington resident Andrew Sleet, a film location manager.  Sleet is inviting all those who have been personally and financially affected by the southeastern North Carolina’s film industry to take part in a film community group photo.  The picture aims to show legislators the many people (and voters) who will be directly impacted if film leaves the state. 

While legislators likely expect to see filmmakers, Sleet says the photo may surprise them: 

"I don’t think they’re expecting to see the rental companies, the local law enforcement.  There’s probably going to be people from churches, from restaurants, wait staff.  We use everyone, and we spend our money everywhere."

Organizers are hoping for at least one thousand participants, and the photo shoot will occur rain or shine.  As they say in the business, the show must go on.  

The photo will be taken at 4PM on Saturday, August 23rd at Battleship Park. To RSVP, email