Sinsheimer Wants Ethics Committee To Act

Wilmington, NC – Joe Sinsheimer's the man who first filed complaints about irregularities in Wright's campaign reports. Now he's questioning the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee's commitment to move forward.

The bi-partisan committee does much of its work in secret. But still Sinsheimer says it's imperative that the committee takes action before the Wake County DA decides whether to press charges against Wright.

And the General Assembly can send a message one way or another. Either they're going to say yes, we're capable of policing ourselves or no we're unwilling and we're going to let third parties investigate, and that we will only throw somebody out once they've been indicted and convicted.

Committee Co-Chair Representative Rick Glazier says the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee is moving as fast as it can on the Wright investigation given the fact that it cannot interfere with other probes.

We don't want to delay those investigations nor do we want to contaminate any witness through multiple interviews that are unnecessary.

Glazier says when there are no headlines there's a perception that the work is not happening.