Search Warrant In Deadly Shooting

Wilmington, NC – The funeral is Wednesday afternoon for the 18-year-old suspect shot and killed as UNCW police and New Hanover County Sheriff's deputies were issuing a search warrant.

UNCW police and deputies from an elite unit at the sheriff's department teamed up to issue search and arrest warrants for Peyton Strickland.

According to the search warrant, surveillance tape from a Wilmington Wal-mart led to an anonymous tip that made Strickland and Ryan David Mills suspects in last month's robbery of a pair of video game systems on the UNCW campus.

The warrant says Mills' red Toyota Celica was spotted outside Strickland's Wilmington home.

Two photos of Mills holding an assault riffle and pistol were attached to the warrant. Also it said UNCW police had information that Mills' is known to carry a firearm.

An inventory list of items confiscated at Strickland's home includes shell casings, drug paraphernalia and a blood swab.