SBOE Delivers Rep. Wright An Ultimatum

Wilmington, NC – Staff at the State Board of Elections has delivered New Hanover County Representative Thomas Wright an ultimatum: turn in your tardy campaign finance report or face a severe penalty.

The State Board of Elections issued Wright a letter telling him he has 20 days from the time he receives the letter to file his campaign finance report for the first half of the year. That report was due July 27th.

If Wright fails to comply the board can shut down his campaign. State Board of Elections Chairman Larry Leake.

One would have thought that given the many problems and difficulties we have had with him, and he has had with us, that he would be timely.

Leake says if Wright fails to meet the deadline the board would likely hold a hearing for him to explain why he didn't turn in his campaign finance report. And from there, the board could refer the matter to the Wake County District Attorney.