Sarah Palin Supporters Rally In Greenville

Oct 8, 2008

Wilmington, NC – The 8,000 seats in Minges Coliseum were flooded last night with supporters displaying Sarah Palin buttons and stickers on their "Read My Lipstick" T-shirts.

Throughout the night, crowd members waved "Drill Baby Drill" posters and sporadically burst into cheers, proclaiming "Nobama."

Among the topics mentioned, like the war in Iraq and domestic oil drilling, the economy was at the top of Palin's list.

Palin says there needs to be a spending freeze in the federal government on everything but vital necessities.

"We will confront the $10 trillion federal debt that our government has collected, has created. It's like they say, if you're in a hole, which the federal government has found itself in, what do you do if you're in a hole and you don't want to be there? You stop digging."

Other speakers included gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory and incumbent senatorial candidate Elizabeth Dole.

The deadline for registering to vote in North Carolina is Friday.

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