Saffo Gives State of the City Address

Wilmington, NC – The state of the city is excellent, according to mayor Bill Saffo.

But that doesn't mean it isn't facing difficult - and expensive - items, items Saffo highlighted in his State of the City speech tonight, ranging from sewer projects past and present to a ten-year plan to eradicate homelessness.

In an interview last week, Saffo said he wanted to be frank, "it's not going to be cheap, and it's not going to be as fast as we all want it to be, but we're moving forward in that direction."

Saffo also updated the public on projects funded by last year's parks and transportation bonds, pointing to the impending widening of Randall Parkway, and an effort to link trails and sidewalks into longer recreation networks.

Many of the highlights Saffo touched on, from the businesses attracted to the city, to the progress on the convention center, to road and sewer improvements, are all elements of what Wilmington will be in the future.

"What we're beginning to see in the 21st century is the re-development of our entire community," Saffo said. "Obviously, Wilmington, for the most part, is pretty much built out."

This is Saffo's first State of the City address since taking the reins from former mayor Spence Broadhurst stepped down last summer.

A transcript and video coverage of the State of the City Address are available on the city's website