Runoff Election For Wilmington City Council

Wilmington, NC – The official results in, and there will be a runoff for Wilmington city council.

Incumbent Pat Delair and candidates Kriti Tomey, Ronals Sparks and Susan Clarke all qualify for a runoff.

So far both Sparks and Clarke say they will call for a runoff.

New Hanover County Board of Elections Chair Margaret Haynes says the election was run using new voting software and she feels good about the results.

I think we had 54 provisionals that we ended up counting, so that's, that's pretty good.

Haynes says candidates have until noon Thursday to request a runoff. She says a Wilmington City Council runoff election will cost the city $100,00.

Official Votes Laura Padgett - 8,091

Pat Delair - 5,882

Kristi Tomey - 5,418

Ronald Sparks - 4,444

Click here to see the official results.