River Road Move One Step Closer

Wilmington, NC – Plans to move a stretch of River Road to make way for a massive development were approved at Thursday night's New Hanover County Planning Board meeting.

Developers want to build a 1,340 acre development near Motts Creek. The board approved plans to move part of the road on conditions that developers meet with residents and also to make sure there is public water access.

Resident Melanie Doyle says she learned about the development on New Year's Day and like many of her neighbors she has a lot of questions.

We want to know why that road needs to be where it is. It sounds like that's the best location for it, but we don't know that.

Newland Communities Vice President Jay Smith says he's eager to work with the residents.

Every good neighbor ends up concerned about your tree or my tree, and in the end what I hope we can do is compromise and come up with a solution that can be supported by all of us.

Smith says the development will include a river walk. The New Hanover County Planning Board tacked on a condition that there must also be a public boat ramp and kayak and canoe access point.

Developers must meet twice with residents before next month's New Hanover County Commissioners meeting.