River Road Meetings Set

Wilmington, NC – The time and place have been set for developers to meet with residents to go over plans to move a portion of River Road for a massive development.

New Hanover County Planning staff say the two mandatory meetings are scheduled for Tuesday at 5:30pm and Friday at 12:00pm, both meetings taking place at Winter Park Baptist Church in Wilmington.

Earlier this month the county's planning board approved plans to move a stretch of River Road on the condition that developers and residents meet.

Another condition tacked on is that developers must make sure there is public access to the water.

Developers Newland Communities is planning on building a 1,300 acre development along the Cape Fear River and between Motts and Barnards creeks.

Newland Communities Vice President Jay Smith has said he is eager to meet with residents to work out a compromise on some issues before the February 5th New Hanover County Commissioner's meeting