Rep. Thomas Wright Says Hearing Full of Untruths

Wilmington, NC – Representative Thomas Wright says the State Board of Elections hearing into his campaign finances was full of untruths and misstatements.

During the State Board of Elections hearing investigators built a case that Wright created a phony non-profit called Community's Health Foundation to illicit donations. Testimony claimed donations came in but were never deposited into the non-profit's bank account, and that the organization's tax ID failed to check out with the IRS. But Wright says that's not true, his organization was legit.

The tax ID number, you can't fabricate anything like that, factually not true. We just never pursued any activity the foundation after two budget deficits during that fiscal year when there was no special projects money.

Wright also says claims that he had multiple campaign accounts are also false. There are calls in Raleigh for Wright to step down, something he says he won't do.

Have I been charged with anything? Have I been indicted of anything? Have I been tried and convicted of anything? I haven't been charged with anything yet? Have I?

The State Board of Elections sent the investigation to the Wake County DA, where Wright could be facing charges of perjury and illegal campaign contributions.