Red Cross Issues Call for Donors

Wilmington, NC – Faced with a dangerously low inventory, the Wilmington Area American Red Cross is urging individuals to donate blood. Barry Hooker, the district manager of donor recruitment for the Wilmington area, says the area usually collects between 175 and 200 units of blood a day. Hooker says he would need to collect at least 1,400 units a day to keep up with the demand. He also says with so many people traveling during the summer, the Red Cross can't depend on regular donors.

"Most folks when they go on vacation they think about where they're headed, what they're going to be doing when they get there. They're not thinking about leaving the open spots for donors."

Hooker says the Red Cross will hold blood drives this week to build the inventory. The Red Cross supplies blood to 103 hospitals in North Carolina, including New Hanover and Dosher Hospitals.