Race for House Districts 18, 19, 20 yield significant victories

Nov 7, 2012

The race for House District 20 pitted Republican Rick Catlin against Democrat Tom Gale. Tuesday night, Catlin claimed an overwhelming victory, receiving 64-percent of the vote to Gale’s 36-percent. The defeat was a let-down—but not a surprise—to the democratic candidate.   

Tom Gale says he knew that securing a seat in the State House of Representatives would be a long shot. Running his campaign on a budget of a few thousand dollars made promoting his platform to potential constituents a challenge. But one issue that pushed Gale to continue his campaign was, he says, a lack of transparency in the General Assembly.

“People are not as informed as I think they need to be in order to hold their leaders accountable. I think there’s a lot of things that have been done behind closed doors and midnight sessions. I think anything that’s worth doing is worth doing in the light of day.”

Democrat Susi Hamilton claimed the seat in House District 18 with nearly sixty-seven percent of the vote, defeating Louis Harmati. Republican Ted Davis kept his seat in the 19th district, securing nearly twenty percentage points over opponent Emily Swearingen.