Professional Fundraisers Take Larger Bite from Charitable Donations than Years Past

Dec 29, 2013

Charitable giving in North Carolina is down compared to last year. 

A new report from the Secretary of State takes a look at the bite professional fundraisers are taking from donations.


North Carolinians not only gave less to charity during the 2012-2013 fiscal year than they did the previous year, but charities also netted less after professional fundraisers took their share. 


Secretary of State Elaine Marshall says state residents contributed more than 32-million dollars to nonprofits last year.


“Of that amount raised, as reported to my office, just over 50% -- 50.53% -- was netted by charities after the fundraisers were paid… Now keep in mind that we’re talking about the regulated fundraising campaigns that use contractors.” 


Marshall emphasizes that a great number of charities in North Carolina are not listed in her report because they don’t use professional fundraisers to conduct solicitation campaigns. 


But the bottom line for charities, according to Marshall:  make sure the most money possible goes to the mission for which it is intended.  And for donors:  review a charity’s financial information – particularly its expenses -- before making a contribution. 


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