Not Too Hot to Watch Soccer

Wilmington, NC – Players and fans from across the country brave this week's heat and humidity as Wilmington hosts the 2006 U.S. Amateur Soccer Association's Veterans Cup.

Sweaty fans guzzle water and slop on the SPF at Wilmington's Veterans Park and they're just sitting on the sidelines.

Nearly 2,000 players will battle the heat on the field this week, but most are keeping their spirits as high as the temperatures.

A player from Atlanta says he's just grateful that his team's games are scheduled in the morning and evening.

Actually, it's not that bad yet, but I'm sure it'll be worse. A nine o'clock game is tolerable we play at five o'clock again.

Temperatures soared above 80degrees before nine o'clock this morning, and the tournament's remaining days are unlikely to bring sweltering participants much relief.

Forecasters predict highs hovering around 90 through the Cup's final games this weekend.