North Myrtle Beach Museum Vision

Wilmington, NC – A proposed history museum in North Myrtle Beach is starting to gather money although it still doesn't have a home.

The museum would include relics from the city's past, and oral histories of its oldest residents recalling everything from the birth of the golf industry to family stories of George Washington's southern tour.

But where all this history will go is still an open question. Museum proponent Dick Hester says his group hopes to find a home in the new library proposed for North Myrtle Beach.

We don't know for sure, to be perfectly honest with you. We have no firm, definite plan of where it's going to be, but that's what we're hoping for.

Hester says construction of the library is still years away. His committee for a North Myrtle Beach Historical Museum has already received more than a $100,000 in grants and donations.

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