North Carolina Hip Hop Heating Up

Local hip hop promoter Louis T has spent the past eight years in Wilmington's hip hop scene, bringing in big acts, and working to connect rappers with producers. WHQR's Megan Williams spoke Louis T on the eve of his fourth Beat Battle.

Wilmington, NC, January 13, 2006 – Hip-hop is a genre that has always placed a lot of importance on geography, but until recent years, that meant the Northeast or the West Coast. But right now, the South is the place to be. Rappers from Atlanta and Houston are taking the music to a bouncier, more laid-back, more musically complex level. And hip-hop promoter Louis T is finding this a good time to be in Wilmington.

Louis T's promotion company Hitcha Off represents local artists and brings out-of-town hip hop acts to Wilmington. You can find his website here.

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