No Homeless Shelter for Southport

Wilmington, NC – The Department of Health and Human Services has refused an application to turn Southport's Fort Johnston into a homeless shelter.

The decision released Monday blocks Fellowship Deliverance Ministries of Georgia from taking over the waterfront property.

An HHS spokesperson says it declined the application because the group failed to explain how it would staff the shelter, provide services and manage the property while out of state.

Southport City Manager Rob Gandy says the property will now be titled over to the National Parks Service who will then deed it to the city.

It can't be used for business offices or anything such as that. It has to be used for bonafide parks and recreation programs and other cultural events.

Gandy says because the building is a designated historic site, it will be left in tact. He says it will take a couple of days before the city knows when the deed to Fort Johnston will move forward.