NHCo. Democratic Board Candidates Barfield, Zapple and Murray Win Primary

May 9, 2012

In last night’s primary, three democratic candidates for New Hanover County Board of Commissioners will move to the ballot in November, including, as WHQR’s Sara Wood reports, incumbent Vice-Chairman Jonathan Barfield.

Barfield led the pack all evening, winning with 34.5 percent. Newcomer Rob Zapple followed behind Barfield with almost 29 percent. He says it’s been a long and steady road to get to this point.

“Months of preparation to get here today. Mainly listening at all levels: listening to the voters, listening what was happening at the county and city level from the city council and the county commissioners so that I could address what I think are the major issues.”

Candidate Robert Murray will also be on the ballot in November, winning with just over 21.5 percent. Stephen Vosnock lost with almost 15 percent of the vote.

Disclaimer: Rob Zapple is a Board Member of Friends of WHQR, the governing body of WHQR Radio.