NHCo. Commission approves group to study HB 438

Jan 23, 2013

New Hanover County will begin looking at whether or not it should consolidate two major agencies: the departments of health and social services. The board of commissioners approved the creation of a committee to study the many options of House bill 438.

The group will consist of a patchwork of county interests, including existing boards of health and human services, UNCW, and the New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Chairman Woody White voted in favor of the group but says there’s no need to rush into a decision.

“On this issue, particularly, has to be the process of a thoughtful and methodical involvement from many different stake holders.” 

The group will evaluate the bill’s many options and present its findings to commissioners mid-June. House bill 438 was signed last summer. It gives counties the ability to change the administrative and board structure of local agencies, most notably the departments of health and social services.