NHCo. to Collect E-Waste

Mar 28, 2012

Break out those old cans and bottles of household cleaners: pollen is back and it’s time for spring cleaning. Once New Hanover County residents are finished with those cleaning products, they can recycle them and other household wastes, like batteries.

WHQR’s Jessica Ferrer reports that this Saturday residents will have the opportunity to recycle items like motor oil and electronics at the Hazardous Household Waste collection day. These items can pollute the waterways if not properly recycled.

During the last event held in 2010, the county collected more than 20 tons of waste. Lynn Bestul with the county’s Environmental Management department says that recycling rates have doubled in the past few years.

Earlier this month, Verizon’s e-waste recycling rally collected more than 85,000 pounds of waste.

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