NHC Commissioner Candidate Profile: Stephen Vosnock

Apr 27, 2012

As a lifelong resident of New Hanover County, Stephen Vosnock says he pays attention to county issues and is hoping to take that involvement to the government level.

Vosnock is one of four Democrats running for New Hanover County Commissioner.  He tells WHQR’s Jessica Ferrer that if people get out and learn about their government like he has, they can have an influence.

Vosnock says that he got involved with the election after seeing the results of the recent property revaluations. He says that property values in Castle Hayne “quadrupled” while values on the beaches dropped.   

“I just can’t imagine that the property at Figure 8 Island could drop so drastically. I really think the whole thing was politically motivated and it wasn’t done with data.”

And when it comes to Airlie Gardens, Vosnock says that it should be part of the park system and free to the public. 

“I’ve always called it the playground for the rich and you know, we paid for it. If they want to keep somebody at the gate, you come and show them your driver’s license you have a New Hanover County address you come in for free. They want to charge the people from Raleigh, or somewhere else, charge them.”

Encouraging other residents to pay attention to what’s going on and getting out to vote is important to Vosnock too.

“Don’t sit around and complain about your government. If you don’t like the way something is being done get out and do something about it. People will listen to you if you get out and try to change things.”

Vosnock, a carpenter, also serves as a volunteer firefighter. 

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