The new WHQR app is here!

Mar 17, 2017

The new WHQR App works on iPhones and iPads

The new WHQR App is ready for action!

The WHQR app for smartphones and tablets provides super-useful features like live streaming, local news stories, your favorite programs and on-demand content. The App is free and available to download for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android phones. Find it using the links at the bottom or by searching for “WHQR” in Apple’s App Store or Google Marketplace. Or, just click here. 

Since the app is brand new, we really would like your feedback on it. The app is flexible and can accommodate other features as time goes on, due to user demand. So download it, give it a try, kick the tires, and tell us what you think!

The WHQR App Features:

  • Listen to HQR News or Classical HQR live (including “Now Playing” on Classical)
  • Pause and rewind the live audio
  • View schedules
  • Explore On Demand content - listen to shows you missed this week, including All Things Considered, CoastLine, News stories, Commentary, Friday Feedback, and more
  • Share stories & programs with family & friends easily using the "Share" button
  • Donate to WHQR
  • And wake up to WHQR with the alarm clock!

Download Now:

  • iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
  • Android

P.S. DARLENE POWELL of Wilmington was the winner of a prize package of WHQR goodies immediately following the launch of our app. Congratulations!