New Program for At Risk Boys at Leland Middle

Wilmington, NC – Leland Middle School is discussing a new program for at-risk boys. If approved, the program would support a dozen seventh and eighth grade boys struggling with academic and behavioral problems. Assistant Principal Tracey Coston says the program will teach the same curriculum, but with special attention paid to practical knowledge.

It's going to be a hands-on learning experience. It's going to be, we're studying measurement today, so here's what we need to know. And we're going to build a picnic table with these measurements. It's actually putting it in real world terms for them.

Coston says to increase family involvement, students' families will have to spend two hours each week helping with the projects. If approved, she says the program would also work with area high schools to keep these students in school. Coston says right now the program is waiting for the school board's approval.