New Hanover Tax Notices Go Out

Wilmington, NC – Today's the day New Hanover County tax re-valuations go out to property owners across the county.

Numbers out of the county tax office show values went up 81% on average with coastal property going up even higher.

Officials report the average property value increasing 204% in Kure Beach, 190%in Carolina Beach, and 161% in Wrightsville Beach.

As the notices hit mailboxes, there's one key employee in the county tax office who isn't worrying about collecting all those taxes.

For a quarter of a century Pat Raynor has been New Hanover County's tax collector. On February 15th she will be retired. It's timing she acknowledges with a giggle and considers pretty good considering that revaluation notices go out Wednesday.

Her advice for the next tax collector, Just to take one day at a time. There are a lot of ups and downs, there are a lot of challenges in the job, but you've just have to put your best foot forward and depend on a great staff to help you along.

Raynor says she has worked for three bosses during her 30 years total in the tax office and can remember back when New Hanover County tax employees had to calculate interest by hand.