New Hanover County GOP Picks Its Candidates

Wilmington, NC – New Hanover County Republicans now have their candidates for two open races for the North Carolina legislature.

The New Hanover County GOP tapped Wilmington dentist Al Roseman for the 9th Senate District race.

In a 25 to 20 vote, voting members of the New Hanover County republican party chose Wilmington dentist Al Roseman over retired banker Beth Dawson to take on incumbent Julia Boseman.

Roseman enters the race with a little more than 100 days to campaign, after Wilmington attorney Sherman Criner dropped out of the race after the investigation closed on accusations of child molestation.

Roseman says health care, transportation and education are three key issues, ones that highlight his strengths.

As far as transportation I've been on the airport authority, as far as public administration and hospitals, I've been on the administration here, the Board of Trustees, and as well as Chapel Hill, so I think I bring enough to the plate to make things better for the people of our county.

18th House District Race

Wilmington advocate Frankie Roberts to challenge incumbent Thomas Wright in the 18th district House race.

Roberts replaces his wife who dropped out of the race for personal reasons.

He got the nod from Pender County republicans before landing the formal nomination. And says he feels strength in the unified support.

I think they have a lot more confidence in their candidate. I think there's a new day with African-Americans I think they are embracing true inclusion and equality. And I'm confident this time that we are going to show love on both sides of the fence.

Roberts lost to Wright in 2004 race. Roseman's race against Boseman for the state senate is his first go for an elected office.