New Glimpse into the 1898 Riots

The newly-released final report on the 1898 riots has on its cover a photo of rioters pausing in front of a burning building. The picture, a rare glimpse into those chaotic days, is one of four recently donated to the New Hanover County Library. WHQR's Megan Williams looked through the photos with Special Collections librarian Beverly Tetterton...

Wilmington, NC – After hiding for more than a century in box of family photos, these newly-discovered images are now the pride of the library's 1898 collection. Librarian Beverly Tetterton says after years of historical research, she recognized the pictures minute she saw the photographer's name on the prints...

Cronenberg's photo of rioters in front of Love and Charity Hall, housing the Wilmington Record's printing press. (image will open in new window)

Photo of N. 4th and Harnett Streets after the violence. (image will open in new window)

The New Hanover County Library will make all of the images available on their website in the near future.

Beverly Tetterton is the Special Collections Librarian for the North Carolina Room of the New Hanover County Library. She's also the author of Wilmington: Lost But Not Forgotten.

You can find our coverage of the 1898 report's official release in Raleigh on our Public News page.

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