A New Day for WHQR

Aug 11, 2014

Pat and Jemila in the new Studio 3 Monday morning

Today, August 11, 2014, is a significant day in WHQR's progress toward a second, all-classical station. Listeners to classical music starting this week with Pat Marriott and Jemila Ericson will hear our morning classical music from our newly-revamped Classical Studio 3. The music from 9 am to 1 pm will be simulcast on both 91.3fm and HD, and on HD2. (Of course, both will be streamed over the internet).

Thanks to a weekend of hard work by engineer Jobie Sprinkle and George Scheibner, we were ready to begin our simulcasting without a hitch. This will be an important test of our eventual ability to broadcast two different signals on two stations when the new FM signal is ready.

Jobie and George wiring the audio console (Monday night)

As of Monday morning, we have two fully-functioning broadcast control rooms. Control 1 will continue as our home for Morning Edition, All Things Considered and the other programs on 91.3. The newly-renovated Studio 3 will now be the permanent base for our classical programs. Jobie has installed the new control board and interview mikes, moved the CD players from 1 to 3, and soldered wire after wire after wire…

For the next little while you'll hear Pat and Jemila's shows on both 91.3 FM, HD1 and HD2 stations. We're excited by the prospect and look forward to the next period of testing and eventual implementation of the second FM signal.