NC Senate Leader Phil Berger Warns Of Uncertainty In 2018 Elections

Jun 4, 2017

The 2017 North Carolina Republican Convention in downtown Wilmington brought the state legislative leadership to the floor Saturday morning. 

North Carolina Senate Leader Phil Berger pointed to GOP successes in the form a state budget surplus of over a half-billion dollars, the party’s fight for traditional values against a progressive tide, and the electoral victories that took North Carolina from a deep blue to a dark red state. 

But, says Berger, the GOP is facing great uncertainty in the next election cycle.

"There is, however, some sobering news.  We can lose it all. North Carolina could become a blue state again.  All it takes is one bad election cycle.  And we now have a Governor who’s doing everything in his power to undo the past six years…. He ultimately wants to take North Carolina from a conservative come-back state to a progressive poster child."

The Democrats will have money, will be organized and energized, says Berger, for the 2018 elections, and the Republican Party needs help now more than ever.