NC Film Director Happy With Tax Breaks

Wilmington, NC – North Carolina's new film office director says he's pleased with the state's film incentives package.

An Associated Press article reported Aaron Syrette wanting to study changing the incentive to 20%. But he now says the current incentive is competitive and is not looking to boost it.

Syrette has been the state's new film office director since last May. He says one of his goals is to grow the film industry.

And competing with other states around us, it's always a challenge. What North Carolina has that other states don't necessarily have is a really deep infrastructure and competing with other states around us is always a challenge.

Syrette says North Carolina's film industry is a lot busier than it was last year. The film incentive, which kicked in January 1st, gives back $7.5 million for productions that spend $50-million in state.

Opponents to the film package say incentives should be given to all businesses and not just the movie industry.