NC Board of Elections concerned with aggressive behavior at One Stop voting sites

Nov 1, 2012

While record numbers of North Carolina voters cast early ballots before One Stop Voting ends Saturday, the state board of elections is concerned with reports of inappropriate behavior at the polls. From fighting to voter misinformation, WHQR’s Sara Wood has more on the growing emotions of this election season.

Voters across the state are sending complaints to election officials citing everything from being harassed about who they’ll vote for as they leave their cars, to giving misleading information like you can’t vote if you have outstanding parking tickets. Johnnie McLean, Deputy Director of the State Board of Elections says this conduct is unprecedented.

“It’s not so much that the number is so high, but it is the fact that we have not seen any kind of behavior like this in previous elections, and certainly not at the One Stop voting sites.”

McLean says county boards of elections are responsible for  keeping order at the polls, and in a few situations law enforcement has been called for assistance.