From My Grandfather's Attic

Come. Reflect. Connect.

Wilmington NC – Join a musical quest of discovery.

Denver Carlstrom dusts off the old records his grandfather left behind and explores music from ?back in the day.? From My Grandfather?s Attic bridges the gap between a new generation and the days of old.

On this first installment, Denver talks with Laney High School senior, Eric Brasser about the records he found from his father?s collection. Also, Denver visits with his own father, Steve Carlstrom who shares stories to help a son better understand his grandfather.

?It?s one of those great ideas for a show that you hear and immediately think why hasn?t someone done this before?? says Scott Simpson, producer at WHQR. ?I think Denver is on to something universal here. And that always makes for good radio.?

Step back in time and discover something new. Denver Carlstrom is your host for From My Grandfather?s Attic.