Moves to Block Recycling Plant/Landfill

Wilmington, NC – The Cape Fear River Watch Board of Directors has passed a resolution saying it does not support the Sims-Hugo Neu recycling facility and landfill planned for Brunswick County.

The Cape Fear River Watch says it voted on the matter to make clear that it does not, and has never, supported the idea.

Sims-Hugo Neu wants to build a facility that will take in shredded chunks of automobiles and appliances then pick out embedded recyclable items such as copper and glass.

Former River Keeper Bouty Baldridge says he supported the facility's concept but much has changed since last June when Hugo Neu merged with Australian recycling company Sims. It's a sentiment echoed by Cape Fear River Watch Executive Director John Holleman.

Well I think it goes without say that we're probably talking about a much larger facility now, we're probably talking about a great deal more of outside trash coming in both from this country and overseas.

Holleman says the Cape Fear River Watch is demanding that its name as a supporter be taken off the project's website.

Sims-Hugo Neu did not return calls in time for this report.

The Cape Fear River Watch is a WHQR underwriter.

Legislation in Raleigh

Over in Raleigh, the Senate passed a bill by Brunswick County Democrat R.C. Soles Jr. to take planning and zoning authority of the proposed site away from the City of Navassa and place it in the hands of Brunswick County commissioners.

Soles say the county will have control until June 30th 2010.

Hopefully before the bill's transfer of zoning run out, these people will decide to go elsewhere. If not, and we need to extend the time, we certainly can do that."

Brunswick County Republican Bonner Stiller has sponsored similar legislation in the state house.