Morning Shots: What's In A Preview? And Who Retires At 20, Anyway?

Jun 4, 2012

It turns out that Off-Broadway plays, in particular, are so reliant on the feedback they get (and the revenue they get) from preview performances that they sometimes schedule a longer period of previews than regular perfomances. [The New York Times]

Great piece from the paper of my adopted hometown about a dancer who found that an invitation to perform for the Queen during the Diamond Jubilee celebration was not quite what she had in mind. [The Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

Art critic Jerry Saltz says the drive for bigger and bigger gallery spaces – and bigger and bigger art pieces to fill them – may be, in fact, "watering things down." [New York Magazine]

The latest chapter in the e-reader debates that seem to be endless argues that while Amazon's Kindle is dominant for the moment, it hasn't successfully built community tools that are particularly compelling to users. [The Guardian]

Nothing makes you more aware of the passing of time than a gymnast like Shawn Johnson retiring at the age of 20 after a knee injury. And yes, she also won Dancing With The Stars, which isn't quite up there with being an elite athlete. [E! Online]

I love this piece in XOJane about the challenges of introducing changes to eating habits in the context of family traditions. [XOJane via The Root]

Would you watch Paul Rudd and Michael Shannon on Broadway together? I believe I would. [The New York Times]

Have you been wondering what MTV would do with itself, now that it's made a series out of Teen Wolf? How about making a series out of Scream? [The Hollywood Reporter]

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