Morning Shots: Can You Walk And Read At The Same Time?

Jun 8, 2012

Lev Grossman writes about the problem of reading while walking, explaining that on the one hand, he knows it's "foolish," but he can't help himself. [Time]

I don't know if I agree with the theory that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is sort of Mad Men's big scary monster (kind of like a corporate Audrey II), but it's an interesting idea. [The A.V. Club]

Slashfilm had a nice talk with Wes Anderson about a whole variety of things related to Moonrise Kingdom, including music, fan art, and whether this — or other films of his — can properly be classified as "cynical." [Slashfilm]

As many of you know, I bow to no one in my love of Jimmy Fallon, but I was disappointed in the "can't-miss crowd-pleaser" with which he closed his BookExpo America talk, which is basically just a variation on a rock star's "I play lots of cities, but Middlebury, Connecticut is my favorite, WOOOOO!" — a pretty cheap shot designed to comfort the comfortable. [Vulture]

CBS continues to try to stop ABC from premiering its new probably-terrible stare-at-weirdos show Glass House, which it claims is too similar to CBS's definitely-terrible stare-at-weirdos show Big Brother. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Barnes & Noble is not at all happy about the Justice Department's proposed settlement with publishers, and argues that it will harm consumers. [The New York Times]

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