Mondays with Claude: The Purple Elephant

Wilmington, NC – Born in 1915, Claude Howell was a Wilmington resident who lived most of his life in room #44 of the historic Carolina Apartments.

A painter who captured on canvas the light and life of North Carolina, Claude Howell was widely considered the Dean of North Carolina painting.

Claude was also a compulsive writer. A man who starting at the age of 10, meticulously wrote journals filled with everything he did. More than 300 of those journal entries were turned into commentaries recorded for WHQR.

Thalian Hall Executive Director Tony Rivenbark first met Claude Howell as a student in Claude's art class. Claude and Tony struck up a friendship years later after Claude retired from teaching at what's now UNCW. When Tony would visit Claude at his apartment, he was often an audience for what would become a Claude Howell radio commentary.