McIntyre/Rouzer Race is Too Close to Call

Nov 7, 2012

The race for the seat in North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District was one of the most-watched and tightly-fought races in the Cape Fear region.  The incumbent, Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre, faced a tough contest – particularly after the latest round of redistricting removed his home county of Robeson.  But as WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn reports, there’s still no clear answer on who won the race. 

Republican State Senator David Rouzer could call for a recount -- with less than half a percentage point between him and McIntyre’s hair-breadth of a lead. Rouzer says it’s a tight race, with strong early voter turnout because this is a defining election on key issues.

“I believe that we are at a real crisis in this country.  We have a national debt that’s 16 trillion and growing – and very quickly when interest rates begin to rise, Medicare goes bankrupt in 12 years.  Social Security isn’t that far behind it.  So we have real serious problems that we need to tackle and tackle head-on.”

Outside groups pumped a great deal of money into both campaigns.  Rouzer credits the national attention – in part -- to what he calls two very good candidates – a reference to McIntyre and himself.