McIntyre Bill Helping Vets Clears The House

Wilmington, NC – On Capitol Hill, a veteran's bill sponsored by Congressman Mike McIntyre was passed unanimously in the House.

The bill sponsored by McIntyre will give veterans offices in communities across the country funds to target veterans who have been having problems finding out if they are eligible to benefits.

McIntyre says this will be especially helpful to veterans in areas where services are not easy to access.

In rural areas especially like southeastern North Carolina, this is a real plus for our area because we do have a number of veterans, around 66,000 veterans in southeastern North Carolina. Many who do live in rural areas and may not have that easy transportation or access to their county services offices.

McIntyre says helping both the veterans and rural offices more veterans will be able to get the benefits they are entitled to.

He says 70% of veterans are failing to receive all of the benefits they are eligible to receive.