Lumbee Hearing on Capitol Hill

Wilmington, NC – Members of the Lumbee Indian tribe were back on Capitol Hill Wednesday testifying in yet another hearing to gain full recognition.

Lumbee Indians have been fighting for full recognition for more than a century. Full recognition comes with business loans and clears the way for casinos on tribal land.

Congressman Mike McIntyre sponsors the Lumbee recognition bill. He says this is the first time both the chair and co-chair of the House Resources Committee have also been co-sponsors, giving the bill excellent odds at reaching the House floor.

It may take several week or it may take a few months to get the vote on the floor. But I'm very optimistic that once we get this moved out of committee, we'll be able to then to proceed in a very positive way with a very strong position as the bill would come to the floor.

McIntyre says this is the fourth Lumbee recognition hearing in the last four years. North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole sponsors the Lumbee recognition bill in the Senate.

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