"Love Raise Your Voice"

Apr 18, 2012

Love Raise Your Voice is a collaborative album of contemporary compositions for Soprano, Violin and Piano. The chamber ensemble consists of soprano, Christine Howlett, violinist Patrick Wood Uribe and pianist Holly Chatham.  The album’s titled track “Love Raise Your Voice” composed by Tarik O’Regan is a highly charged piece with a bouncing melodic line and playful accompanying lines articulating the great joys of love...

However, not every piece on the album shares the same theme and ranges from love and happiness to death and heartache. The ensemble smoothly feeds off of one another to create a seamless channel of blended sound. Christine Howlett’s beautiful bright voice easily communicates the text of each poem effortlessly throughout the often intricate accompanying lines. This modern classical album is intensely sensitive and emotionally relatable. I was impressed with the collaboration of this ensemble and their wonderful artistry. I advise anyone with an interest in classical music to pick up a copy of Love Raise Your Voice and listen.