Local Interest
6:03 am
Tue June 13, 2006

Life on the Rocks - North Carolina's Only Tidepools

Carolina Beach, NC – To be honest, the outcrop doesn't look like much. From the shore, it's just a flat crumble of stone, carpeted with tiny mussels and neon green sea lettuce. And that's what's visible at low tide; at high tide, everything's underwater. But this isn't some failed breakwater or old dump. These rocks make up the only tide pools along the Carolina coast, and provide a natural supply point for the Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Members of the education staff spent a recent afternoon getting reacquainted with the rocks before they start bringing summer campers to them... and picked up a few things for the Aquarium's touch-tank along the way. These are their voices...

You can find out more about the Aquarium at Fort Fisher at their website.